underbody question

ok, i heard that they are illegal to have the bulbs showing, whats up with this rule?

plus where is the best spot for the sides to have the bulbs at so they dont show or is there a spot?


Check the state laws…

Here, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada… cops don’t care about the neon lights. THEY ONLY CARE if the lights are RED…

My three friends all have modded Civics and neon underbody kits. One green, one blue, one red.

One night, they all got pulled over. However, only the guy with the red underbody kit got a $250 ticket.

So, as you can see, it differs depending on the area you’re in.

Yes it does matter where you live. However, I do know that is illegal at all times in California unless you it is a car show or cruise night.

i live in iowa and it is ok as long as its not blue read or yellow (emergency colors i guess) but i dunno why it is that it is illegal for you to see the bulb, anyone in iowa know why. or how about is there any place under the car that can really cover the bubls up because on the sides there really isnt.

Would sideskirts cover them up??? I want to get blue or purple underbody lighting. I was thinking sideskirts would cover up pretty much anything under the car right??