unhooking gauge cluster for indiglos. PLease reply

problems unhooking gauge cluster help!!
I was using both teg tips on gauge faces when I got stuck. I can not remove my cluster because my hands are big. I have the right 2 plugs in this picture unplugged (really the left 2 if you are looking at it). The other 2 I can not get to and giving it slack by unplugging the other end is not an option ( because 2 zip ties that are way behind the cluster are still going to hold the wires in place). If I could cut the zip ties I would. Can someone help?
My teg is more like the Installing Indiglo Gauges. Tip rather than the other one?

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I was using teg tips a few times and realized they don¡¯t work exacta for each model. For example I have a Canadian car. One change that could be changed is the plug part number for taking off your 3rd wiper. my local Honda dealership thought I was an idiot giving a short version. 90301-SR3-000 was the plug number I finally found and used (I think it is the same). On the tip on how to correct rear camber you said to get 4 of the 1/16 washers. I cant find them so is that a typo? What have you used?

try reaching back and unhooking the speedo cable, that might help. ok bye.

[B]about the washers the way i did it was i just got a US nickel, since your canadian its our 5cent coin!! anyways just get a nickel and take it to yer local home depot,true value, or even autozone has them!! and compare the nickel to the washer!! they should be the about the same size!! just that the washer has a hole about a .5 inch in diamter for the bolt to run through!!

oh and about the reverse gauges i had the same problem!! i just disconnected the speedo cable from the tranny and it gave me more slack!!

Yeah either disconnect it from the tranny, or you can do what I did, just ask the gf/wife to do it, women have plenty small hands.

The real question is: why do people take the gauge cluster out in the first place?

You should only take it out if your putting in a new cluster…to put indiglo or rev indiglo gauges on, you just slide the gauges over the old gauges then hook them up.

If its cause you cant get the 2 screws holding the plastic cover on, then go buy a “Z” shape screw driver. Their like $1-2 plus you dont take the chance of stretching your speedo cable or not being able to get it back on!

Speedo cable from a Dealership cost $50, so a $2 wrench would be what i would use if i had to do mine over again!