unusual beeping

Not long after i bought the car it needed gas so as i drove out of the driveway it started beeping and im looking around i dont see anything unusual except the tank is on E but theres no gas light so i put gas in it and when i started it up again there was no beeping that was like 6 months ago, it hasnt done that until i had my system and alarm installed about a month ago when i was driving away, so it stopped after about a mile, then last sunday on my way to the Nor Cal Almaden lake park meet, it started up again before i got on the freeway then it stopped for about 4 minutes and it began beeping i checked everything i at first thought it was my seat belt cuz it sounds just like it when you have it clipped off (auto seat belts), what do you think this could be? it gets kind of annoying but i usually end up drowning it out with my stereo but i could still slightly hear it beep, what can be wrong with the car and how could i shut it up? :open_mouth:

Check this out. I ran into a problem like this before. It turns out it was my seat belt. Even though it was connected it wasnt sitting right at times. (the sliding part) When it beeps what side of the car does it come from? If it comes from the right (passenger side) Most likly it something with your seat belts. Also was your seat belt light on…uummmm dont remember if mine was on or not… The brain for the seat belts is on the left. If it beeps again tap the top of the clip down to make sure its sitting all the way down…

yup it sounds like theres a problem with ur seat belts

ill check it out next time it beeps, i had a feeling it was the seat belt

sounds like your casio watch is going off. haha check the harness under your seat for your seat belts, it may have gotten wet or possibly disconnected (which i doubt). let us know what happens.

i had that same problem and just took out the box that controls the seatbelts thats behind the passenger side kick panel. But the thing is that the auto belts wont work anymore. but i dont mind it.

you think if i take it to a acura dealer theyll fix my seatbelt?

:bump: , you think the dealer will fix my seatbelt beeping? if so how much you think theyll charge??

seatbelts have lifetime warrenty but they will charge a dianogstic fee though parts and labor is free

hey white teggy, i that ur from iowa, send me an email with some info on ur car, emaury69@yahoo.com i live in grinnell.

does your rear defroster worK? might be your ICU. Does it beep all the time??

rear defroster works

Does your interior light turn off when you shut the doors?

I’d check your door trip sensor just for the hell of it, maybe it’s not seated right.

Yea, The Dome light go’s on when i open the door and go’s off when i shut it.

The map light only turns on when i hit 1 of the switche’s.

Is that supposed to go on with dome light?

Nope, everything sounds good in that area.