Upholstery Shops - Why so Expensive?

OK, here’s my situation. I had a GSR driver’s seat which broke. I pulled the fabric off of it before tossing the seat itself. I also have a stock leather driver’s seat. I just called two automotive upholstery shops to see how much they would charge to remove the leather and install the fabric on the good seat. First place quoted me $100, second place quoted $150!!

Maybe they are misunderstanding what I’m asking? Or is that the going rate. This seems like a piece of cake job to me and shouldn’t cost much at all. Anyone have any experience w/ automotive upholstery shops? Or better yet know of one in the Long Beach area who isn’t going to rip me off?


to my experience, they’re all that expensive…

labour !

I completely understand that people’s time is money, my job proves this to me everyday. But I figure an experienced person should be able to do a job like this in 30min - at the very most. Even at a bill rate of $60-$100/hr it should not cost near what these people have quoted me.

well, it’s not something that’s required often. those sorts of things tend to cost more. just go to tj! best upholstery shops ever!!

F TJ, it’ll cost me more in gas than it would to buy the hog rings and hog ring pliers and do this shit myself! I was originally planning on doing it myself but I’m busy and figured I’d just pay someone a few bucks. But if they want more than $50 they can go F themselves. (even $50 seems steep)

my buddies dad might be able to do it, ill ask him

Leo, let me know, I’d like to get this done sooner rather than later… Unfortunately the parts are in Temecula, but I’ll be out there this weekend and can bring stuff back with me if needed.

yeah labor…and i think those special pins that hold fabric to cushion…but thats about right actually kinda cheap…my dad has a corvette and he wanted to redo both seats also which was like $300-$500…so we looked up a thread and did it ourselves him one and me one…which came out better than imaginable plus we had to buy new cushions, but we saved a butt load (if ur car has the air pumps…heater…be careful not to damage. - tip

:frowning: his dad just moved to arizona

he did my dads front and back seats for $100 a couple months back

I recovered my CRX seats like you’re doing… I just threw away those little rings and replaced everything with zip ties. I’m not sure if DA seats are any different, but I imagine not. Since everything was under the seat or otherwise out of sight, it worked great.

call nunez upholstery. see how much he charges. he’s right off of anaheim and olive ave. here in long beach.

Leo, thanks for checking for me, I appreciate it.

Steronz, they’re called Hog Rings. If I do this myself I’ll buy (or try to borrow) some hog ring pliers and do it correctly. With the right tool installing hog rings is easy. But without the tool it’s a pita (from what I hear).

Gil, I’ll look them up when I get back into town after this weekend. Hopefully they have some better prices for me, but at this point it sounds like $100-$150 is the going rate. :think:

well i guess start taking classes for upholstery, that’s what i’m going to do haha