Upper control arm bushings with Ingalls kit

I have a 92 RS with Neuspeed Sports (1.8 drop) with AGX’s up front and an Ingalls extreme camber kit. I installed and adjusted the camber kit to the max setting and then had it aligned and all was in spec. But the two peice bushings in the Ingalls anchor bolts have totally ripped themselves apart. This was causing bad camber again and play in the upper control arm where the bushings are.

My question is, the Ingalls bushings are a two peice design and also the ES replacement bushings are a two peice design I believe. But when I looked up the bushings on Sunnyside Acura’s web site, the OEM bushings appear to be one peice. Do you think the OEM’s one piece bushings would hold up better than ES’s two peice bushings? Has anyone replace their UCA bushings with the ES ones and been totally satisfied that they will hold up?

Side note: I did have a very low- speed accident with a lady that didn’t yeild to oncoming traffic, and she hit me square on the drivers side wheel. It seems this impact could of been the catalyst to my bushing failure. When I pulled the upper arm and looked at them, they look like they were cut and tore up, possibly from the impact smashing them. dunno

did you ever lubricate the bushings? since you are comparing them to ES, i assume they are poly bushings? could be the poly bushings came apart from lack of lubrication. Dunno if OEM ones would fit, does Ingalls those kits with rubber bushings instead of poly?

I think these ingalls bushings I have are polys, they are black like rubber and hard as a rock. I did lube them during installation, but when I just pulled them back out and looked at them, they were dry and thrashed. But I lubed them up and put them back into proper position, they were kinda squished out alittle.

Wow, I think I will lube the new ones every couple months. You can definitely see that if these bushings are bad, you will have increased camber because the thru bolt is being pushed back thru the bushing. I could actualy grab my upper control arm and move it back and forth on those bushings about 3 mm’s.

ES 2 piece UCA bushings??? not the ones that came in my kit… there 1 piece and i doubt u could ever get them in without a decent press

I will know soon, the ES bushings are being shipped now. The ones that are in my ingalls anchors that bolt to the front upper control arm are definitely 2 piece. Thanks for being the bearer of good news Radzero, I think one piece bushings would do a better job of keeping the movement at the anchors of the uca to a minimum.

be prepared to get them pressed in tho… theres no way u gonna get them in by hand… or maybe even with the basic vice (maybe if u got a good snapon or something it might be able to handle it)