Upper control arm question

Does anyone know where to get new stock upper control arms, other than Acura? I’ve called every parts store around here and no one can get them:shrug:

try the for sale and want to buy forum’s on here maybe someone is parting out a car that has them…

if all else fails you might try www.acuraautomotiveparts.org

do you need brand new ones? or just some that arent’ bent or anything? If so,your best bet is a scrap yard. There’s one out here in Wpg that specializes in imports. I should be going there later this week – I can ask if they have any for you if you want.

Scrap yards are bare here for import parts… Especially tegs there gone (purchased whole) in a day or two.

If your heading out there I really need upper control arms for my teg.

I’d prefer new but if you can find a set that are in very good shape with not too many miles I’d be interested.

Reason I’m looking for “new ones” is cause I drive about 150KM a day and those miles add up fast and I don’t want to have to replace them again for at least another couple years.

let me know what you find kckrekk1@yahoo.com

Tried the forsale forms afew times for them but no luck yet.

Ok I’ll see what they have… Or if you want you can phone them and have them ship some out to you

Team Auto (204) 222-7333
They keep pretty good track of their inventory, so he should be able to tell you in like 30 seconds…

I’ll give him a call then… ThanX man