Urgent Driveshaft install help

I’m having some major issue’s installing my driveshafts into my CV’s. First off, I am unclear on what rollers go where. I have a total of 6 ‘round’ and 2 ‘square’ rollers (that go on the end of the driveshaft into the CV’s)… I seem to remember the two square’s going on the passenger side, but am unsure and I can’t seem to get them in. Am I mistaken?

Also does anyone have any tips for installing them? Me and a buddy worked for 2 hours and couldn’t get either side in :frowning:


I’ve never taken apart an axle before, always just bought replacements. But didn’t you say you had a Helms manual? I just looked at it and I can’t quite see what you mean, but it does show the insides of the axles, so maybe w/ the manual and the axles in front of you you can figure it out. Looks pretty basic from the diagrams in the photos :shrug:

The six round bearings are they in 2 different diameters (qty 3 one diameter and the other 3 a different diameter)? some times when you buy a rebuild kit they come with a second set of bearings that are slightly larger diameter to be used on your old outers that will have wear. I can’t remember which side has the “square” housing bearing. It also looks like you are missing one “square” bearing.

That is kinda what I thought… so I guess it’s off the the wrecker for a new set then eh. Here is the diagram in the honda service manual, this is all it says, and judging by it, I should have 6 sqaure one’s, this is why i’m so confused.

Any more insight? or should I just get a new set…

This is the picture from the manual, as you can see not very clear

Looking at that page from the service manual it kind of looks like the auto transmission axles use the round bearings and the manual axles use the ones with a square plate on them. I was under the impression that auto axles and manual ones were identical, although the right axle has different part numbers for auto and manual.

As for installation, are you talking about actually fitting the spider assembly with bearings attached into the inboard joint? The square box on the right side of the page is saying that the square part is actually a rectangle, with two sides flush with the circular bearing and two sides extended out slightly. You line up all the bearings so that the extended sides go in first.