Urgent :: painted wiper arms...now won't turn when turned on

alright so I painted the wiper arms… I didn’t hit anything when I took them off…so i painted and did all that…so when I went to put them back on they don’t even turn when I try and turn it on… you can hear the lil screw that turning but the wiper blades don’t… right under the wiper arm there is that one plastic cover that is right on the turning bolt. I have no idea what is wrong… I live in oregon and it rains everyday… I can’t go on without blades haha. please someone help

haha alright nm… I got it…when I had painted it I got inside the hole where it actually makes the connection to turn the arm… I didn’t realize that there is little teeth that match to the others and turns it. haha im an idiot x)

COOL glad I could help :slight_smile:

pure geinous