Urgent: Whats Wrong With My Alarm!

awhile back i unplugged my battery and hooked it back up and my alarm was going crazy…i finally got it to shut up and after that there was no more beeping when u were to arm it and dis arm it…i got the alarm with the car from the dealer… so my question to all the people here with knowledge of alarms…how do i get it to beep again…oh yeah and the alarm still goes off if u try to screw with the car…so in other words my siren still works but i must have doen something to put it on silent or summthing??? and FYI its a “GARGOYLE” alarm made by “CRIMESTOPPERS”

sorry if i posted this message 2 times neil… im in desperate need of help!

I would look up the model of alarm on the internet and download the entire manual for your immediate problem AND forr future reference. That’s the beauty of electronic items… most of the instructions are online.