US Drift in Richmond, VA

Hey any of you guys out there in VA I heard theyre suposed to be having another drift competition at the cloverleaf mall in richmond april 24th.

We were going to have drift comps here till we found out how much money is actually involved. Total BS. They want a minimum on a 1000 spectators, which means you need some kind of stadium, and entry fees were in excess of a hundred bucks. And they want drifting to grow. I think you need to make it a bit more manageable for the beginers if thats the case. We WERE excited and had two drift cars ready, but now there sold:(

At least you guys can go check out this kinda stuff. I dont see any drift comps visiting Idaho:)

DAAMMNN. The drift show i went to was free. I mean it wasnt like at the track or anything really nice, but still enjoyable to watch.