USDM 1-piece projectors with HID kit?

Has anyone used these projector housings before? Which is the low beam and which is the high beam in these things? I know most you guys don’t like the look of these headlights, but if they perform well along with the HID kit, it would save a lot of money and hassle of a retrofit and sanding off the flutes of the stock headlights.

I have these on my car, minus the HID’s. First, only the fog light is a true projector. The high beam is the light with the halo around it, and the low beam is the light with no halo, the big one. And i’m sure, that retrofitting would give off much better light than putting HID’s in these. They do give off decent light, more than stock usdm lights, but not as good as a retro fitted projector.

Oh, and BTW, the common name for these lights are ebay projectors/halo lights, not usdm.