Used One Piece Satisfaction?

Hey i am going to buy some JDM 1 pieces soon, and have a question. I have read a couple posts of some poepl that have had problems wiht their one pieces(not like the wires being cut to short, if from passwordjdm), problems wihtt he quality, like they broke, or cracked easily. I just want to know generally if you guys say the used ones hold up pretty well for used items or if new ones are way better. I really dont want to pay 500+ for new ones, so list your regrets on your used one sif you have any. thanks

It really depends on where you get it from, so if you want to buy them i would ask any questions you have in mind about wires how long they are, condition of the clearcoat on the headlights, scratches, any cracks, are all the harnesses included and mainheadlight boots anything fo that nature, usually if the seller is a good one he’ll answer your questions no problem and take pictures, and if he does plan on shipping to you ask him to pack it so there is plenty of bubble wrap and popcorn type filling so that there can be space bewteen the actuall walls of the box and the headlights so if it does get smashed it smashes the popcorn filling and not the headlight

but yea im sure there are alot of epople that are satisfied with the quality fo used headlights, some people are just more lucky then others, if you are need password jdm you coudl aways pass by their shop and choose your own set

yea i got mine used … the right-side is yellow and melted abit cause the guy tried to take out the glare guard but i really dont care cause i can just take care of that with some of the tegtips here (the yellowish)… the wirings were pretty long … plus i shouldnt complain cause this guy just gave it to me cause he’s was buying a g3 at the time
well hope you get a great deal, just keep looking you’ll find it :rockon:

I got mine from PasswordJDM, if I could go back I would have just waited for some one to sell them online. Quality was great, but I literally had 1cm of wire to work with. I ended up having to re-pin the plug. Definately wasn’t worth the $170shipped that I had to pay.

I got mine on ebay, from a seller that I don’t remember.

Anyone, they’re perfect. Clear, no cracks, all brackets, etc. My only problem with them was the wires were really short for the harnesses - but those are easy to replace. Just use an H4 harness, from autozone - they’re 100% the same.

If they’re yellow, you can always clean them up. The only thing you cant fix are cracks, but a seller shouldnt ship cracked lights anyways - and even new ones can get busted in the mail.

you got it from me dumb nut!!! lol…


i got my pair from passwordjdm as well for $100 shipped. It was in perfect condition…til i got in an accident.

so ask lots of questions, about cracks, scratches, and length of wires(witch can be fixed), and any yellowing which can be cleaned with the teg tips article (which i have read a couple times) thanks for the help, will be buying some in the near future.

Hey i also wnat to make my foglights yellow when i buy the 1 pieces, do i need to buy the legend fog covers, because i have heard that the one pieces have yellow fogs already, is this true?

it is true. Its already yellow so you dont need to do anything.

Yes one pieces come with yellow fogs. It’s not the bulb though, it’s sort of a yellow bubble that’s inside the fog, so any bulb you put in is gonna be yellow. Go to ebay, and type in 93 jdm integra there is always 1 pieces on there from 120-160, and most include pics so you can’t go wrong. Good luck.

This is the seller I got mine from and they were, absolutely perfect. Fast shipping. And only 160 total.
Good luck,

thanks for all the information, now i know i dont have to go out to the junkyard and grab yellow legend fog covers!!!

I bought mine from a member in Canada (forget his name) who refinished a bunch of headlights and charged like $20 more for SUPER Clear headlights. The headlights were perfect, less the short wires but I’m good with a soldering iron. The only ONLY downside to this pair of headlights is that there is something in or on that yellow foglight cover that is making the Passenger side H3 dull. Other than that: ONE PIECES FUCKING ROCK.

thanks for the info, i was planning on buying some 1 pieces the end of this month, but my trnasmission is going bad, so now i get to buy a new one, but thanks for the info

when i got mine i had the same problems w/ the short wiring, i just about made it but 1 i may have to totally rewire.

I think you’re talking about LL COOL B - who i havent seen in ages.

LL COOL B it was, he did one heck of a job on refinishing his headlights for a decent price.

He sold a lot of sets…and yeah, I havent seen him on here for over a year. :frowning:

I don’t like mine… I never had a problem with mine. they still in great condition eventhough I had them for about 2 years now. I wish I got the 1 piece black projectors. I think it looks funny on my car. I looks nice overall, but everyone has a preference when it comes to their own cars. if you buy them make sure you’ll be happy with them.