v-afc in a 90 teg with b16a

can you guys help me install this thing, it came with no instaructions and on apexi web site it looks really complicated.

I was wondering if you guys have a simple way of installing this thing and was wondering where did you guys mount it.

i appreciate all your help.


noone has one installed?


There is really no easy way to install it. You have to be good at soldering so you dont create a short and cold solder joint and shrinktube is what you will want to use to cover the exposed wires.
The apexi instructions are about as good as you can get for installing that. If your not comfortable installing it then I definately suggest that you find someone with more electronics experience to help you out and/or install it for you.

If your in Toronto you should see if neex has any free time to help you out. Maybe drop him some extra cash for helping you out with it. I am pretty sure that he can install one, or at least point you in the direction of someone that can.