VA: JDM Stanley DA 1 piece headlights *MINT*


Have a set of MINT JDM Stanley 1 piece headlights for the DA. Will fit all DAs (DA6/9,DB1,DB2,etc)
Just the headlights no bulbs.
Really don’t want to sell these as they are getting harder and harder to find in this condition, but need some cash pretty bad, so they must go.

Name: Alan
text 480-720-3765 or email me at
$300 OR BEST OFFER will ship at buyers expense

Don’t have any feedback from buying or selling on here, but here’s some feedback given to me from selling and buying stuff on another forum where I’m from.


sorry for the crappy cell pics

damn me always being broke! if i had $300 id grab these right up. GLWS. those are in GREAT shape.

Thanks. How much you got?


Nearly 250 views and nothing??? Come on I know someone wants these, not every day you find a mint set like this.


Seriously! bump for you. Glynn (Blkack) needs to jump on these. :slight_smile:

Tell him about them if you don’t mind please, would appreciate it.

I’m the one that has been texting you this morning. I should be sending the money this weekend.

sounds good, ill give you my paypal info later today once i get home

Pending Sale

Money sent.


Have been for over a week now. Any idea as to when you can ship them?

Not sure if you are getting my text messages or not but if you can ship them this week that would be awesome.

Alan, any word on when you can ship these lights? 13 days is plenty of time.

Alan, I need either the lights or a full refund of the purchase price by Saturday Dec 22nd. I believe 15 days is long enough.

Hope this isn’t another issue with one pieces on here… been happening too much lately.

It is. Paid for them on the 1st of Dec and he hasn’t shipped them yet.

damn! another scam on 1 pieces, u file paypal claim yet?

Not done through PayPal. I have something going though.

Can you guys provide me with links to any other scams like these?