VA (Virginia Beach) meet and great cookout august 25th

Ok, if there is enough interest in this I would like to put together a cookout here in Virginia Beach at a local park. Date would be August 25th (Sunday) at Red Wing Park which is located about 10 minutes south of the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.

If we have enough people interested in this by the end of July I will fine tune things. This would be a great day to hit the beach as well so bring some beach wear.

If we can get 5 or more people to commit then this will be a go.

Any thoughts or input is greatly encouraged.

See you at the beach.

  • Rob

I’d be down Rob! Maybe Dave and I can roll together or something too.


im down as long as my rhd is painted it should be painted before honda day

Just come, paint is optional lol

hell yea you know I’m down, I will hit Matt and Jerry up to see if they are going to roll down, that sounds like fun!

that’s what im talking about dave!!!

getting close to this date. If you haven’t already, mark your calendars.

im coming rob

Sweet Jerry! Ok Lets shoot for noon. Location will officially be Red Wing Park:

address is 1398 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451. I have a friend hooking us up with hot dogs and burgers, I have buns and cheese as well. Please come by with something to contribute as well.

Just in case there is a food lion grocery store 2 minute away from the park for those that want to stop by first and then make a run to the grocery store. This is the address for that:
1577 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454.

Afterward we can do a drive to the beach for those trying to do the beach thing before the end of the day. Drive will start at 4pm.

I have updated the original post as well.

Any questions/ comments/ concerns you can call or text me at 1 757 412 9951.

  • Rob

Where do people meet up at on the weekends?

I know they use to meet at Freedom Wash on Friday and Saturday night but I heard it no longer goes down there?

That was a while back. I think it’s at genros now but I could be mistaken.

What’s sup

I rarely see any mod DA out here. Only one I’ve seen is the matte olive’ish with sticker bomb fenders. Are you guys part of that crew?

I wish this was on a weekend. :sad:

meanwhile this was posted in 2013…

hey rob want to try this agian im down


Im down. Its summer time and I have a DA to drive again. Wanna shoot for sometime in august?

There is a show coming up on the 26th of July from 10am-3pm over there on Holland Rd/ S Plaza