Vacum Hoses on B16a

I am having trouble with how my vacum hoses are supposed to be setup from the map snesor. It seems like there is only supposed to be one of the purge valves hooked up, because I can’t find anywhere else to hook up the second. Please help, my car is barely running.

Sorry but I can’t tell exactly what lines your talking about. There is a diagram on the inside of your hood and there is a pdf helms manual link somewhere on this site. It gives a good flow diagram. If you can be more specific I could probably tell you where it goes. I’ve had plenty of vacuum line woes that I have resolved.

OKay, the left purge valve for the map sensor has two hoses that used to go to the intake manifold on the B18a but the B16a manifold is setup differently and i can’t figure it out


If I understand your question…the passengerside one is suppose to go to your fuel pressure regulator and the driverside one you don’t have to hook up.

Here is the answer… Go to my website . Go to “My engine swap” page. Then scroll down and there will be the diagram that you are looking for.

map sensor to port on throtle body

puge to intake manifold port

fuel pressure regulator to intake manifold port

there is one other sol. valve that is unused