Vacuum Line Question

I put a Ls/Vtec in my 91 integra. I checked my gas mileage last tank and I’m getting horrible gas mileage. I did a search and in a couple posts it said to check all your vacuum lines. I did and I found one that’s not connected. The line comes off the bottom of the purge control solenoid ( looks like a black plastic cap). It’s located right next to the MAP sensor. There’s actually two black cap things. But it’s the one closest to the map sensor. On the back of the old LS intake manifold there is two nipples. One for the fuel pressure regulator cut-off solenoid and one for the purge control solenoid. On the b16 intake manifold there is only one nipple. My question is can I hook both solenoids with a tee to that one nipple? Thanks in advance. (Sorry for the long post but I thought details might help.)

yes you can tee off that vacuum source.