Vacuum Lines HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey wassup…i am in need of some vacuum line assistance…i have a diagram below of what it looks like…basically just need to know which one goes where…its a '89 b16a motor in a '93 LS-S

I mapped out everything on the diagram, all needed is to connect the points. Help me out please…Oh yeah the check engine code threw out code 5, which is map sensor so this is the reason why i’m makin sure its done correctly.

Vacuum Lines Diagram


i tried searching but only thing close wuz g2guru’s little bit of info…everything else was kinda irrelevant

go to my website… under “My engine Swap” page scroll down and you will see the diagram

great!!! thanx that should help…


hey i don’t have line #10 coming from my intake manifold. i have one hose coming from the right bootm , i think its line 12. which solenoid valve do i connect it to? b/c both solenoid valve is not connected to anything (the black cylinder thing beside the map sensor). the diagram is good, but i only have one hose from my intake manifold (#12) and two solenoid valves? which one does it go to? or do i connect to both by using a tee? is this safe? and also i’m having trouble finding my pcv valve