Valve cover bolt snapped.

So over the weekend I decided to pull the valve cover off and strip the black powder coating. During this process I snapped one of the bolts that holds the plug wire cover in place and now I am leaking oil around it. To make matters worst the little bastard fell into the spark plug well and almost made its way into the block. I had a stick magnet and very carefuly fished it out. What do I need to do to replace the broken piece thats still stuck in the head? I know this is common and I did a slight searching but nothing came up and I need to know fast so please lend a helping hand. Thanks!

Damn, this has happened to me several times. Those fuc’kin bolts must be made of plastic! Anyway, you can get them at Acura for about $3 a piece, and all you need is a 10mm deep well socket and a bit of elbow grease to remove the little bastards.

Some are really tight, so be careful that the ratchet isn’t going to bang into something vital (i.e. cam lobe) if it breaks loose suddenly.
Before you go to get them, check the upper threaded parts of all the bolts out to see if they are really stretched, and replace any that look like they are in bad shape.

Also, be sure to use a torque wrench to tighten those bolts! And shoot for about 0.5 ft. lb. under the torque spec, just to be sure you don’t break anymore of them.

Hope this helped.

Thanks I just went to acura automotive parts and looked at as breakdown. I guess Im off to the stealership in the morning to get bent on this part.