Valve Cover Cam Gear Hole??

I saw a valve cover here before that had the timing cover on the valve cover cut. its not the typical cut where they hack off the complete cover from the valve cover but it had two holes on the side. Not sure if im explaining this right but its purpose was for easy access for the adjustable cam gear’s bolts. Anyone got pictures of this or know how to do it???

i just saw a pic similar to this it was actually more of an m shape i’ll see if i can find it

Yes thats the one ive been looking for all day. I remeber I had seen it on here it was a red Vtec valve cover. If im not mistaken he was offering to do it a fee. Lmk if you find it. Thanxx.

i’ve seen others use hole saws for the half moon cut also

edit: here it is

only really needed if u have adjustable cam gears and wanna make it easier for tuning. if u don’t have adjustable cam gears, or have it but have stock cams… then u are totally wasting ur time.

personally, i love seeing guys with adjustable cam gears that like to play around with it and adjust it even tho they don’t have a clue what they are doing. cuz i love the seeing a pos go…BOOM!

+1 … or pulling a b18c5 head off of some guy’s car because he decided to adjust his valves without feeler gauges :rofl: :crazy: