valve cover powdercoating

ok if this is in the wrong section please move it, didnt know where to post it.

Ok i want to get my valve cover powerder coated the same color as my car but im not sure if it can be matched? or where to go, that is where yall come in with maybe some info on this. thnx
this is my cars color

For more pictures go to

TRG-Coating… Used to be a sponsor but I guess they’re off now… Maybe someone knows their #?

well i actully IMed him about a month ago on honda-tech and he sed he would have to get a 50 lbs box of powerder and it wouldnt be very cheap since its only one piece thats y i was hoping someone knew of another company that could do it or somthing

ouch… sorry mang…

I think you might have to ask the local welding shops ? :shrug:

thats a good idea ill give it a try

If there’s any kind of custom chopper or motorcycle shops in the area ask them who they get to powdercoat for them. :up: