valve stem seal problem??

Okay, well i had cams, springs and retainers put in and while i had the head apart i had new valve stem seals put in as well. I didn’t put these in myself though, i had them put in by a machine shop. The problem is that now when my car is running and i give it a couple revvs it blows smoke. I am wondering if they were put in right. I am wondering this b/c when i put the head back together i was able to see the seals through the springs, and i don’t remember if i was able to see them when i took it apart.Does anyone know how they were supposed to go in??They placed in with the small spring around them facing up.I haven’t been able to drive my car around b/c i am at college, but my dad starts it up for me every weekend and he says it still smokes a bit when he gives it a revv.Any help would be great. Thanks guys.

thee valve seeals seeem to be in right.
is the smokee bluee?