Valvespring options

Are there cheaper options I can take to get stiffer valve springs for crower 403’s? I know I could put OEM B16a springs, but is it cheaper then getting lets say crower springs? Which factory engines have dual valve springs? Or maybe I can get springs from other hondas (preludes, etc…). I have no clue if they might be compatible. Thanks

I would just save up for the crower dual valve springs. They’re made to work with higher lift and longer duration cams.

Crower 403s are a very high lift cam. The reason you need the stiffened valvesprings is because without them you will float a valve at high rpms. This means (just in case ya don’t know) that the valvespring is unable to pull the valve back into the head and it hits the piston. The B18A head can only use valvesprings for the B18A, B18B, B20B or B20Z heads. Which all use the same cams, so all of the stock valvesprings are the same. Basically, your only choice is to go aftermarket. You should also get titanium retainers. 403s make more power up in the higher rpms, and titanium retainers reduce the reciprocating mass of your engine. Less reciprocating mass means quicker revs, so you’ll be able to get up into the powerband quicker.