Valvetrain question

I think I know the answer but I’m kinda just double checking. I want to run Skunk 2 Stage 2 cams, but I’ve heard different things about valve train.

I’m gonna run, Type R head, gsr block, adjustable cams, skunk 2 IM, bored TB, I/H/E.

do I need to get my valve train done over before I run stage 2’s or not?

I’m leaning towards replacing but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford all the springs and everything that’s associated with the upgrade. I have talked to 2 different guys that have ran ITR motors with skunk 2 stage 2’s before and had no valve train problems.

my options

Save my money and buy valve train and cams all at same time.

Run just the stage 2’s right now, and get valve train when I get my paychecks.

or just run stage 1’s



save the money from the skunk2 manifold and get a ITR one same shit.

and get take your time and get the valvetrain. better safe then sorry.

get both at same time
u dont wanna put cams in, then have to take everything apart again to put new vavletrain, just do it at the same time.

purchase the entire valve train kit…springs, titanium retainers, cams etc…dont mix and match components. Take your time and do it right the first time.

run the skunk2 valvetrain with the skunk2 cams. if you use those stage 2s you are asking to bend a valve, and install the shit at the same time…you dont wanna be like so people…:tsk:… and do the cams first, then the valvetrain later ( yes i did that, but hey i know how to do a cam swap pretty quickly now )

EITHER WAY, save your money, do it right, do it once.

Ya that’s what I was kinda leaning towards, wasn’t sure if I could push my luck or not. I think I’ll just save my money for a month or two. Thanks

The itrs / ctrs, and skunk2 stage one cams are about the only cams you can run safely (up to 8k) on stock valvetrain. with the itr valvetrain you can run both those (and Toda A’s) up to about 8500 or so. personally, i have mine set at 8200 with the itr valvetrain.