Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), HELP!

Has anyone ever changed the VSS on their car??
There are apparently 2 parts, one behind the gauge cluster and one on the tranny. It’s the one on the tranny that I am refering to. There is nothing in my repair guide about it and I want to save myself bucks and do it myself.

On DA integras, the VSS is on the gauge cluster… on newer hondas (DC/EG) it is located on the tranny…
all there is on the tranny on your integra, is the speedo cable connection… no electrical signals com from there.


Yeah, I was reading about that in the repair guide (how to test the VSS that is). Said pull the cluster and check the voltage while turning the speedo. Mechanic tells me that the VSS is down on the tranny and is leaking. I was wondering as to the skill level involved in changing the VSS myself. Shade tree mechanic style.

DA’s have a mechanical vehicle speed sensor in the tranny. it has power steering lines running into & out of it & is responsible for the cars variable steering assist. so perhaps your mechanic meant the leak is in that area…it’s real easy to remove, just one 10mm bolt & a clip which holds in the cable.

Yeah it’s just a cable that connects to the gauge/cluster! Then the other end does the s as me but into the tranny right below the starter!