Vehicle speed sensor

I need to get a new one. I am looking through the site and i can’t seem to find it. What can the VSS be under? any help. thanks.

The VSS is located in your speedometer. As far as I know, it is not a removeable or serviceable unit. I had an issue with mine a while back where my odometer worked, but my speedometer didn’t. Didn’t really bother me, until my CEL came on, throwing a 17.

17 is VSS. Since I have a 2nd gen B16 in my teg, my VTEC stopped engaging because no signal was being seen (VTEC doesn’t work if you’re “not moving” i.e. no speed signal is seen).

So I checked the manual at work and found out how to test my VSS, and it in fact had basically seized up (age/time/temp). Luckily though I was able to lube it up (combination of silicone lube and electronics cleaner). Not only did it allow my VSS to work correctly again (as well as VTEC), it also fixed my speedometer problem.

If I remember correctly from what the book said, if you’re VSS is truely broken, then you will have to buy a new speedo gauge (of course this is hundreds of dollars and the real fix is to buy a used one that works).

I would recommend trying to clean it first, as well as run the test specified in the book. You’re looking for pulses from two of the terminals, using a DMM. It’s not too hard to test.

Good luck with it.

– Kevin

so the speed sensor is behind the guage cluster? so whats that thing that sits on the back of the tranny, speedo gear?

thats just the cable to move the speedo in your gauge cluster.

replace the whole gauge cluster if your VSS is shot

i was doing a transmission oil refill and when I put that thing back in I’d overtighten the 10mm bolt and the arm broke off. also the hole that the cable goes into broke also. I was pissed. those things are so cheap!

I had a problem with my speedo cable being pulled slightly out of the VSS in the cluster. I pulled the cable from the tranny end, and pushed it toward the dash to seat it in the cluster again. Then I gently reattached it to the tranny. No problems since.


the vss is in the back side of the trans where the cable goes in (the 10mm that you snaped) the whole assemble is bout 300.00 hopefully a junk yard around you has one cheeper good luck

I got an extra one lying around with that special bolt. Only 100k miles on it. Whats the normal price they go for on here? that plus shipping an its urs.