Very Stiff Steering

…so yeah, I was going 55mph and was thinking i was tukami from initial d and hit 2 curbs and over a few rocks. The front right tire was bent like the Deloren from back to the future 2. Damage: shattered axle, bent control arm, bent everything except shocks, coilovers, and camber, rim shattered- yet not a scratch on the on the car itself. If that wasn’t cool enough- i bent the front frame. So month and 1200 dollars later i’m driving it and the steering is really stiff. I had the ps takened off way before and never felt as stiff. It is stiff even at 40mph etc. The damaged parts were replaced by used parts- so i’m thinking some has to to with the friction between joints etc- which might need lubrication. It’s quite depressing because the car doesn’t drive like it used to. I talked to the shop that fixed it- and they said they will try to lubricate the joints and that the parts were used. I didn’t have time to take it to them because i had to move for college. My car is 2 hours away…so i’m just curious of what it might be. Could it just be the parts? - even though it’s still stiff at low-medium and high speed? sorry for the long post, thanks!

sounds to me like the rack is bad. I don’t see that you replaced it. I’m assuming by the extensive damage that it took a serious load and the gear mechanism may be damaged. You can disconnect the tie rod ends from the hubs while the vehicle is in the air and try to rotate the tire by hand. It should move fairly easy. If it does, you know it’s in the rack somewhere.