Very weird shifting in my manual gear box

ok im going to try to describe this as best as possible, becase Its stumping me and I dont know how to diagnos the problem, or tell you what exact it sounds and feels like, so ill give it a shot.

everything shifts fine, gears work without grinding at all

the shifter is VERY stiff, and when you move it around, such as to the gears or just left and right in nutral.

when you shift to gears and left and right when in nutral it sounds very " empty, or hallow " …like you gear it moving around in metal, very mechanically sounding under the gearbox, all the way to the transmition.

not smooth and quiet

best way i can sum it up is that my friends G2 feels like the shifter is incased with oil, very smooth and soft, where as mine is rusty, old and banging all over the place making noise ect

also iuf it helps, when I shift to third it does not grind, it bumps something.

check the shifter stabalizer bushings, it doesn’t grind so it should be that. it may have worn out or they might have been replaced b4 you. i have the polyeurothanes from energy suspension, i get a kinda knock everytime i put it in gear, but i like it.

As far as shiter movement:

I lubed my shiter linkage with teflon oil and then a waterproof grease a few days later. The Teg i bought was sitting for a few months. It shifted stiff in all directions. It loosened up after a few weeks.