Vibration coming from front end (New axles, ES Bushings, coilovers, ball joints etc)

The car has the typical symptoms of bad axles, but they are brand new (days old). Im running out of options. I love my car and I do not want to get rid of it but its driving me to that point. any feed back would be great.

01/2011: Had the car about a year, axles went bad so I replaced them along with the lower ball joints and outter tie rods: still had a little vibration in the front end.

09/2011: Noticed the front engine mount from the cross member to the trans. was shot, I thought that was the culprit, replaced it. I also replaced the front upper and lower control arm shock mount and sway bar bushings with ES bushings… still had a vibration.

10/2011:Replaced the axles again a few days ago, and it still has a vibration.

again, I love my car and Im getting sick of this vibration, I do not want to get rid of it simply because I can not figure this vibration issue out.

Im running progress coilovers with their 350F/350R spring rates. I have the ride set to 12 1/4 inch from the fender to the center of the wheel up front and 12 1/2 inch in the rear (Just as progress recommends)

I’m not a mechanic or anything, but…maybe your intermediate shaft? I was told that by VIP Performance about my DA(they said maybe), still shakes but I just got axles and hope that fixes the problem…one question though, where did you get your new axles?

my brothers deals with a retailer through his job so I dont know where the axles came from. I’ve heard things about the intermediate shaft too.

Car is too low which is why you have vibration. If you don’t want vibration get an oem axle or Raxles.

Try raising the car to the highest point of the coilover and see if the vibration is there. If it’s NOT there, then it’s the axles.

All i know is replacement axles from auto zone or Napa don’t have a rubber balancer on the axle. its right in the middle. Raxles are an oem quality replacement axle…quite spendy i paid about 400 shipped…but they are oem quality and i hear a lot of people saying they had a vibration after Napa’s and finally bit the bullet and got Raxle axles and it cured all problems. And i don’t think your too low, im lower than you and didn’t have a vibration just until recently. and i think that its because i have the shitty Napa axles with less than 5k on them and already have a torn boot. Im going to install the raxles this next week and ill let you know the outcome…

Too low with crappy axles will create vibration, is what I’ve should of said.

with the car cold so you don’t get burned.

get under the car (I use a hoist)

grab the inside of the axle shaft and move it up and down and side to side

if it moves way too much like mine does, its the carrier bearing.