Vibration in wheel when going 60mph in 5th gear

Whenever I reach 60mph and gas it on 5th gear, there’s this very noticeable vibration coming from my driver’s front wheel… it’s to the point where I can kinda feel my driver floorboard shaking and also I can feel it in the gas pedal!

Can someone please tell me what that is. I had my bearings and tie rod checked before and it’s perfectly fine. I also went under the car and tightened all the bolts to the suspension.

This noise/vibration is making me feel very uneasy while driving the DA… I don’t want to be stranded somewhere… please help! :tsk:

yea i had the same problem… could be alot of things… check your wheel studs/ lugs. tires could need to be balanced, bad struts, axles, theres alot of stuff to check… theres a big possibility its just an unbalanced tire… check it out! good luck

Hey thanks… so far I had the tires balanced a week ago and only after today, it started to shake so that kinda rules out the balanced tire issue.

A friend of mine suggested that it was an engine mount so gonna check it this weekend. Might go over the complete suspension to see if anything is super loose… shits driving me crazy!

yea man i know how it is… i love racing and i hate doin highway pulls cause of that shit lol… i just looked in another thread and someone had the same issue and he got some polyurethane and used a caulk gun and filled the driver side engine mount with it and he said it went away… i guess you could give this a try… i know i will lol… good luck homie

haha sounds ghetto but I guess that could be a temporary solution till I find out the real problem… thanks again!

Wheel Shake 101

There are a number of things , or combination of things that can cause the front wheels to shake at speed. Assuming that tie rods,wheel bearings,etc. are all sound, the thing you need to check is the wheel runout when mounted. Alot of guys have complained of shaking at speed right after they mounted new tires or wheels. Not normal. Guys have even complained that the shake got worse after changing loose tie rod ends. This is because the shaking ,probably in the wheel area , was being abosrbed to some extent by the lose tie rods. Wheels can shake because of bad brake rotors, but youll normally see that at all speeds and especially when braking. Getting to the wheel runout. The wheel and tire assembly is the biggest rotating mass affecting the final drive.. Any amount of imbalance or misalignment will be exagerated at speed. Assuming your wheels are perfectly straight and in 100% balance, if that is possible, then the wheels should track straght and not vibrate. A big part of the problem i believe is caused by the mounting of the wheel on the car. Very simple but more often then not, overlooked. Rebalancing sometimes solves the problem, but often its baecause the wheels are not remounted the same way as before. Aluminum mags oxidize with time and this oxidation forms a crust on the inner hub of the wheel and needs to be cleaned ,especially if the wheels have been stored for the seasonal purposes. Oxidization has no uniformity and if you mount the wheels with this slight buildup, the wheel can , in effect be mounted crooked. Example, if you were to put a paper shim of .005" in between your wheel and brake hub, but only beside one lug, at that angle, your wheel would probably have a .040" runout by the time it translated to the tire edge…040" doesnt sound like much, but it is. Clean the mounting surface of both the wheel hub and the brake hub, use a palm sander if you have to. Mount your balanced wheels and check the wheel runout by using a dial indicator on the outer edge of your mag. It probably wont be but it should be close. If it is way off,say .010" or more, try to figure out why. Is it in one spot on the mag? Probably a dinged wheel. Does it seem to be off at points 180 degrees? Probably a runout problem, but could also be a rim that was dinged from the side.Pull the wheel off, dial the brake rotor as well. Does the brake rotor have runout as well? Maybe it wasnt monted on a clean surface either. The wheel mounts to the brake rotor, if its off, so will the wheel. Remember , you can balance a crooked wheel a thousand times, if it`s crooked , it will never track straight. I hope this helps,alot of us have had this problem.

if you got your tires balanced recently there is a chance that the weights they used might have fallen off. You can check for that.