Vibration on acceleration

I have a 1992 Integra and under acceleratin there is a vibration or more like a bounce in the front end. It feels like the wheels are hopping but their not. It is there under all acceleration but is worse the harder you hit the gas.

What could be cuasing this?

Could be Autozone/Advanced Auto axles if you have those. Mine does the same thing and it is annoying as hell. Got me some advanced auto axle on the drive side. GPX or something like that.

I don’t know the axles that are on the car they were on there when I bought it. Could it be the tires? This car sat for 6 months becuase I was deployed and I don’t remember it doing this before I left.

I am not sure. Not really my area. I would think if its the tires you would feel it more then just under acceleration. Wait for other to chime in on this one.

it could be you tires did your tires go flat or anything of that sort in storage and you could also just need a balance if the tires seem fine how bad is the shaking like you steering wheel shakes or everything shakes like dash etc.

It feels like the entire front end is bouncing no so much shaking under hard acceleration. Tires didn’t go flat one got low but it wasn’t completly flat and it was a rear

Things that cause wheel hop/bounce on acceleration:

Bad tires, blown struts, and more often than not axles.

Does your car vibrate again once it hits highway speeds? any clicking at all when turning the wheels all the way to left or right? Those are both sure signs one or both of your axles are pooched.

Basically, inspect your axles, check for torn boots, and if you don’t know the state of them (ie. when they were last changed) its a good chance one or both of them are causing your problem.

Does not vibrate at speed. Does not click or any other sign of being bad. I know one boot is torn the other is good.

regardless of a lack of clicking or vibration at high speed. If you have a torn boot your gonna have to deal with it anyway. So you may as well change the axle.

Take off the tire, hold the rotor and see if you have any play either up and down or side to side. Check ball joints, tie rod ends, see whats what.

Again if your boot is torn your axle bound eventually anyway. Thats my guess as to what’s causing your problem.

Yeah I know the axle is on the way out at some point. I will check ball joints and stuff just found it odd how it just started after my deployment and this boot has been torn for a while. I have less than 200 miles on the car since I came back