Vibration steering wheel after new wheel and tire install.

Okay I upgraded my stock gsr 14in alloy wheels to new 15 inch maxxim air wheels (aka rota slipstreams) with Yokohama S drive tires 205/50. The wheels are 15x6.5 4x100 38mm 5.25" 73.1mm. I bought everything from Americas tire. Ever since I got these wheels and tires I have gotten vibration issues with my steering wheel at freeway speeds from 50-65mph. Yes all wheels have hub rings installed.

After the first install my steering wheel vibrated a lot so I took it back and they said they were not balanced correctly. So they balanced them. The vibration minimized to about 80%.

A couple weeks passed and the vibration was still there. I swapped my old 14inch wheels to the front, took a test drive and no vibration! I took it back to Americas tire and checked all wheels and they said that one wheel was off balanced. They balanced all wheels again for the second time.

3rd time. The vibration is still there and noticeable I took back to America’s tire, they checked them and they said that all the wheels were off balanced by an ounce. They rebalanced all wheels again. It honestly still feels the same. So again I swapped my stock 14in in the front and I can honestly see the difference in the vibration. Almost no vibration with my stock wheels.

The guy from America’s tire has also recommended getting a new set of wheels at no coast. Do you guys think I might have gotten a defective set of Yokohama tires.?

if you got the tires and wheels from them, they need to make it right, it’s no reason for you to have to figure out what’s what. they said they’ll do it at no cost, just go back to them

definitely sounds like they didn’t balance your wheels properly.

as long as they are going to fox it for free have them fix it & don’t let up until they stop…

I went to A1 tires & wheels on el camino to get my rims & tires and they did a fantastic job.

try some hub centric rings for your wheels, they sometimes help with after market wheels

it could be one bad wheel