Vibration under acceleration

I have a 1990 acura integra and am having issues with my car it keeps vibrating under acceleration you can feel it in first gear but it gets worse on second and third and a little bit on fourth I did a swap a 96 GSR with hydro transmision and did a auto to manual convertion pretty much the whole front suspension it’s new, front new wheel bearings from honda, mid shaft bearing, upper and lower ball joints, energy suspension arm bushings, sway bar links, new outer tie rods, you name it. People have told me that the axles that am using are garbage they’re from auto zone and I was wondering that I have seen axles that have weight dampers on them can that be the problem? or am using the wrong axles? or the’re not the right lenght?. Others say wrong transmision mount or broken mount but I have innovative mounts, I talked to them so that I can get the right mounts since I did the auto to manual convertion, and I got new tires balance and got an alignment. Before I did the swap everything was fine no vibration at all the car was lowerd and I was rolling on some 18 inch wheels and they were almost tucking inside the fenders so when I first took it for a spin after the swap I notice the vibration and every since am having the problem so if anybody has or had the same problem let me know how to fix it thanks.

Driveline angles. The only way to fix it is to put the car back to stock height. Or live with the vibration…

not driveline angles, you have a poor set of axles … vibrations on acceleration are bad/worn inner cv joints every time, try a search you’ll find tons of the same problem.

Yeah that’s what every is saying poor axles specially from auto zone. And for the angle of the car hmmm… some times people say that too but like I said before I was rolling on some big wheels and lowered almost tucking, and didn’t have vibrations, but thanks a lot guys for the advice am looking on some gator axles what do you guys think? I heard good stuff from them and I think am gona gave it a shot if not maybe axles from the drive shaft shop, will see next week and I’ll let you know what’s going on.

A lot of people here have had great success with Raxles. Have yet to hear anything bad about them so maybe you should check them out.

Is it possible that ur flywheel needs to be turned? just food for thought if it vibrates in all gears.