Vibration while driving.Suggestions?

Alright now ive had my integra for almost a year now.Drove the car back from cali never had any issue. Over the past couple months ive been getting this really bad steering wheel vibration which you can also feel in the car. The car is fine up to about 55mph no shakes. After 55mph to well over 100 the steering wheel shakes super bad. The car is unbareable to drive on the highway. I took it to a shop and they told me I had bad axles. I put new axles in over this last weekend. Didn’t change a thing although the axles were bad that I took out.

Upper and lower ball joints are new. Power steering rack is new.tie rods new.
What is left to check? The funny thing is the car drives straight even with all the vibrations. The steering is literally going nuts when I drive it at a higher speed. Ive changed wheels gotten the tires rebalanced etc. Nothing has helped.

Thanks for any help. If you need more info let me know and i’ll try to post it up to the best of my ability.

Usually vibrations over 50mph are associated with unbalanced tires… but you did say you switched tires and got it rebalanced? Did you get it electronically balance at a reputable shop or did you take it to one of those shops that does it manually?

I know you said you changed the tierods but did you changed the inner tierods as well? Most people neglect those cuz it’s more of a challenge changing those…

Also… are you getting any tire hums associated with wheel bearings?

All those I’ve mentioned can cause vibrations to a certain extent… look those over again and if all is good… I’d re-check the axles cuz A LOT of local autoparts stores occasionally sell you already fcuked up axles out the door… especially remanufactured ones…

NOTE: stay away from Cardone brand remans… they suck!

Swapped rims and tires. Had the both sets of wheels balanced at Acura.

Complete rack and pinion is brand new.New inner and outer tie rods.

I don’t get any humming noise from the bearings/tires. I double checked the bearings last Saturday when I had the axles out too.

The axles are new. Not rebuilt.But the vibration didn’t change at all.With the new axles its got the same Identical problem as before.

With a tire out of balance the vibration will usually subside at a certain mph. My vibration stays constant gets worse the faster you go above 55.

The steering wheel doesn’t vibrate at all under about that mph.

How do all of the bushings look?
Check the control arms first. The lower arm can vibrate a lot when worn. The radius rod bushings in the front cross member can make the car wonder around a lot when they expire. Make sure the sway bar has no slop and the end links are not bent. The links wear out a lot, but they are cheap and easy to replace yourself. Polyurethane kits are comparable in price to oem dealer prices for rubber ones if you like to have fun while driving. They are a pain in the rear to install every bushing on the car, it took me 2 weekends to complete but it was worth it.

You likely have new steering rack bushings and can assume the alignment is within spec.

Problems like this are known to cause endless cursing, marital spats, loss of sleep, excess drinking, make you want to sell it or bang your head on a wall.

It could also be in the brakes such as an out of balance rotor. Its not common but it does happen. Then there are the engine mounts… Whatever it is I wish you the best of luck.

The front lca bushings did look a little bad. Ordering me some poly ones tonight. Along with the radious rod bushings. Just incase.

The sway bars are new st’s with new poly endlinks.

Yes all new steering rack bushings and mounts.Alignment is spot on.

Engine mounts are all new with poly inserts front and back.

Ordered new front rotors today. They are bad. Been meaning to change them for a couple weeks.Mad vibration when braking at speed.

The vibrations actually cased my cusco lower tie bar to break.About 2 weeks a go.

I’ll try this out this weekend and see how it goes. Poly bushings suck to install but ive done it before. Shouldn’t be too bad.

So I’ll update after this weekend.Thanks

Damn dude… seems like you’ve changed everything in the suspension besides bushings… like therealkroysc suggested, I was going to tell you to check all your bushings after…

Seems like your on the right track… and yes the rad rod bushings and endlinks can cause crazy vibrations as well… ask me how I know :uhoh:

My suspension is never fcuking fixed… one thing is fixed… another thing pops up… sigh

Good luck!

Just jacked the car up in the driveway. Sped it up to 70 mph. Mad vibrations even when sitting still. Still didn’t notice anything abnormal though.

Lock the left wheel and right wheel seperatly. Vibration didn’t go away.

But yeah almost everything is new.Even put in new shocks.

Another busy weekend ahead of me.:surrend:

[QUOTE=hahaha38;2064885]Just jacked the car up in the driveway. Sped it up to 70 mph. Mad vibrations even when sitting still. Still didn’t notice anything abnormal though.

Lock the left wheel and right wheel seperatly. Vibration didn’t go away.

But yeah almost everything is new.Even put in new shocks.

Another busy weekend ahead of me.:surrend:[/QUOTE]

If you jacked up the car and put it in gear and it causes vibration, it’s most likely the axles dude. Have someone look at the axles while the wheels are spinning… see if you can see the axles spin off axis. Seems like your symptoms are the axles.

What brand and where did you get your axles?

Did you try shaking the wheel in every direction to see if there’s any play?

I had this prob in the past, so I change AXLES with AutoShit. Bad mistake.
I turned around and purchased about 3 paychecks later for Brand NEW OEM.
If I would of done this in the first place, my back would have been a little nicer to me. I hate having bad back problems.

Bought the axles from oreily’s. We replaced my buddies axles the same day with the same brand and he doesn’t have any vibrations in his car.hmm

Me and my room mate were under the car trying to see anything. Axles looked normal while spinning. Wasn’t like anything huge going on.

Although the passenger side seemed to vibrate more then the driver side.

Although the passenger side seemed to vibrate more then the driver side.[/QUOTE]

DUDE!! There you go! A little vibration at high speeds causes A LOT of vibrations. Also, not all new ones are the same… it’s always a gamble buying local parts store axles… just more gambling if buying the remans…

You should have lifetime warranty for the passenger axle right… go change that shit out and see if the problem persists…

Trust me… I go through this shit everytime I change axles due to the fact that I don’t have enough funds for new oem ones… guess I rather spend 30 minutes swapping axles then spending $200+ for oem ones… some people are different shrug

by any chance, do you have a set of wheel locks on your wheels? I found out on another car I use to have that if you have a heavy wheel lock, it will throw out the balance of the tire and cause vibrations. My solution to the problem I had was to buy another set of the same wheel lock and position it 180 degrees from the other one. :wink:

No wheel locks on my car. So im good there.
Replaced my rotors and pads. Replaced the radious rod bushings with polly.
Nothing changed yet. Vibration is still there. Changing out the LCA bushings tomorrow as they are actually loose inside the arm it seems. Hopefully i’ll have good news tomorrow. haha

I didn’t read all post real close.
But, was there a chance that you spin tires or see which wheel was bad?
I did this sometime ago and found my driver side wheel and tire tinny wobble.
I purchased new tires and fixed the problem.
Or, just maybe, a real good tire and wheel balance is all you need.
Try the last one, it’s the cheap’ist fix instead of new tires - yeah know…

Well replaced the lca bushings today. Swapped out axles again from oreily’s.
I still have the same vibration. Next on my list I was thinking maybe the anchor bolts for the uca? Do those go bad?I think ive just about replaced Do you think that maybe blown shocks could cause this problem. The shocks are illuminas maybe a year old.

I’m at a loss now.:tsk:

I don’t think its the axles because the vibration is exactly the same. I wouldn’t think I would get bad axles every time?

Any other suggestions??? Thanks for the help guys.

What axles are you using (The BRAND)? Are they rebuilt or new aftermarket? I would say this is probably an axle problem. If you are lowered with these type of axles it’s going to vibrate. I would say try the CARDONE Brand new axles. I run them and they don’t vibrate unless my car is very low, but that’s only under acceleration.

do you happen to have aftermaket wheels that have bigger center bore ? this has happened to all my cars with the wheels with bigger center bore, it does exactly the same like yours , 60 65mph+ shakes . if you do have the wheels with a center bore thats bigger than your hub, you should get some hub centic rings from ebay for 10 bucks shipped. you will solve your problem,

let us know whats up man , check out my thread

Not sure on the brand for the axles. There the new ones from oreily’s.
The car still shakes with my si’s on which have the correct center bore. Thought of that too.

Car is driving me nuts. Brand new radiator cracked on me. Go

Car still shakes like crazy. Have to replace the radiator tomorrow.About to give up on it and just take it to a shop. I need to get the car running right here real soon as I just blew the motor in my other car over last weekend.LOL

Any other idea’s???

hope you get it fixed soon

anyway, bump for you

Same here…

I’m having a similar prob guys. Not sure if it’s the same cuz my steering wheel does not tremor as much as the car does. The problem persists but here’s what I’ve ruled out :

  • Wheels have been balanced and rotated. [Initially thought this was the prob]

  • Brake rotors would manifest it more when braking, not what happens. Pads
    are OEM, they’re fine too.

  • Replaced front and pass side engine mounts [I thought this was the prob since wheels were balanced, NOT]

  • Swapped axles, that I know are balanced.

  • Checked remaining mounts - ok.

  • Clutch engages fine, which I thought may be slipping due to it only doing it while accelerating/torque, but should do it all the time, not just 40-60mph so not the clutch.

  • Shocks are a year old and have taken no holes, besides shocks should manifest at any speed depending on road.

  • Only manifests it between 40-60mph, so it must be from the tranny out.

I’ve suspected it to be the tranny, I dunno syncros or somethin. It’s not the gears cuz I’ve used everything between 2nd and 5th @ 45mph and does it regardless. I’d hate to bring it down and find it’s something else. Would a bad center link or rack & pinion do this?

I’ll keep stickin my head under the hood til I find it - I’m tenacious like that.

Two important symptoms are, that it ONLY does it when accelerating, I can coast at 40-60mph and no tremor, so it has to be between tranny and wheels; also it seems to be wobbling more front to back than side to side, hence the little effect on steering. Can’t be harmonic balancing cuz it would do it on idle so…

I’ll keep you all posted, but let me know if anyone has any new ideas. Good luck to you as well haha.