My car has a loud vibration from 2000 rpm to 3000 then it stops.
I’ve been told it was the heat shield for my exhaust i think, ne ideas of how to make it not vibrate.(it also makes a fairly loud annoying sound)

If it sounds like a can of metalic bees, then most likely it is one of your heat shields (prob cat). I don’t know how to make it stop, Mine only does it when cold around 1500 I’ve ignored it for the month that I’ve had my car, but I’m just going to take the heat shield off and try not to park on any dry grass.

You can drill some fresh holes to mount it securely. This probably won’t last for too long either.
I took my heat shield off. I have been parking everywhere. No problems so far.

That’s because you are just melting snow. Ya see here in Texas, we have somthin’ called grass and if yer car is dropped and you park in grass in 100 degree weather it is likely to catch on fire, ya’ll. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Of course I doubt having a heat shield actually reduces that risk at all.