My engine vibrates alot when I am stopped in drive. Can anyone tell me what I should do?

I don’t know what you mean by “vibrates alot” but mine does the same thing, but mainly when it’s cold or cold outside.

what I mean is, when I am say stopped at a light I can see my hood, steering wheel and dash vibrating. It stops when I set the car in nuetral. I will check the motor mounts, thanks.

Is yous idle low? Mine used to do that when my ilde dropped low, but whnen I fixed that, it stopped.

it sits at 500 rpm which is what it is suppose to do. Dont notice any bouncing in the rpm needle either.

raise ur idle to about 750 it may help thats what I did mine used to be too high

how do I raise my idle?

theres a lathead screw right above ur intake pipe on the throttle body turn it lft I think to raise right to lower alot of people do it while the cars running go in and rev it and then see where it lays I had to turn mine off to see tell me how it works?