Video: Integra + B20VTEC + MF-LSD + Roll Bar + Hoosiers

Short video of my rust-bucket-beater thus far.
Virginia BRR SCCA region, DP-XP class.

Assembly and Solo II:

VIR Touring Lights Guest Day:

How is your wilwood front brakes working out? Did you buy them from

The brakes are great! 12.2" rotor kit from Fastbrakes, and not once did the brakes go soft during the full trackday at VIR.

My only complaint is that I can’t clear 15" wheels anymore. I plan to make a bracket that allows me to use the stock size OEM rotor with the Wilood 4 piston calipers so I can run 15x7" wheels.

just curious, is your screen name referring to UC Santa Cruz?

If your brakes were getting soft maybe you weren’t running the right pad? Before your wilwood upgrade though. Is it me or does your car look like a “donk” with the slicks on in some of the pics. I love to see DA’s on the track though!!!

ya whats with the drag slicks on all for corners, why wouldnt you use an actual circuit tire, like a nitto 555 or something thats not a full drag tire

The Hoosiers look like A6s or R6s to me. If they are, they’re about the best street-legal race tire you can get. Far better than the Nitto 555.