Viper Hunter.... You son of a bitch

Ok, now a while back I bought a Body kit, and hood from this guy. He lives in the same state, just a few hundred miles away. When we went down there to pick up my hood and kit, my friend decided he would buy the shell for 400$ as it sat. Brembro rotors, fuel pump, and JDM one pieces. Now upon buying this car one of the conditions was that he was going to deliver it. That never happened, so incapable of going down there to get it and him being a jackass and not doing what he said he was. Starts to part out the car within a month of it sitting, right after he gave us the title. So now we’re taking him to claims court for parting out the car when it was ours… oh plus he gave us a fake title.

The whole thing is on this post

So fellow G2icers watch out for Viper_Hunter He’s a dick…

jessus christ. that dude is lucky he’s not dealing with me. I would of made that 300 mile trip and beat that fucking punk’s ass into the ground.

What pisses me off even more are all these dipshits still trying to buy stuff off him after it was known it wasnt his car. Are people retarded or what?

so what ended up happening?

why dont you alert a mod to his shady trading practices?

dude i have been reading through these today and realized people are fucked up. report his ass.

I cant understand why there were all these part vultures wanting take parts while there was a discrepancy of the ownership of the vehicle…wild!

Oh trust me, that 300 mile journey is about to happen. My friend that bought the car is basically putting it off. But he can bet that he’s going to small claims court for sure, cuz i was supposed to get some rotors out of the deal. and Dammit… MY CAR NEEDS ROTORS! but yeah it’s sad, We’re all out here for the same common cause, to have the same cars, but to be competely unique as to what we want to mold our cars into… it just sux that there’s ppl that ubstruct those goals to try and profit…

Piss me off… once again viper hunter… you son of a bitch

I hate to tell you this, but if indeed it was 7 months until he started to part out the car, i think you’re assed out.
maybe…each state varies on “abandoned and unclaimed property” (AUP) laws, SOME states actually require people who are “holding” an abandoned property to report it to local police along with the name and last known address of the legal owner, and then they would have to wait a certain amount of time until they can claim it So…
…IF he did sell it to you, and you DIDNT pick it up, he would have to report it and you’d be given (by which authority idk) a certain amount of time to pick it up. IF he didnt do it by the book (report & wait) and sells the property anyway, it gives you proper grounds for reinbursement. So far it looks like he admitted in selling you the car, but waited an amount of time and started to try to sell it. The real bad part of all this is the fact that’s it’s been more than 7 months, that judge is gonna tear you a pee hole and ask you what took you so long to get it.

edit i found a paraphrase of wisconsin’s AUP laws…hard to read, but i would recommend going to a lawyer for a consultation, obviously one that specializes in property laws,
Wisconsin Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Laws

Fuck… Well thanks for the advice man! :rant:

IL law requires you to contact the police and report it as abandaned. Then the cops come to your residance/bussiness and fill out this form stating that the vehicle has been abandoned. Then you must wait 60-90 days depending for some one to claim the vehicle. I belive you also must run and add in a newspaper with a certin amount of circulation asking for the owner to come remove it (notifaction laws) Then and only then you get a junkers title on the car so that it may be removed. You can not sell it except to a junk yard (the chassis cause the vin is blocked).

So over all since he did not do that, nor did the owner of the property the car is sitting on do it from the sounds of it, the car belongs to the buyer. What you (viper hunter) have done is very illegal, especialy in the state of IL. An open title weather good or bad is a class 4 felony so i am sure that giving a bad one is worse. Not to mention that removing the parts off the car is considerd Burgulary class 2. Your cop friend(likely not a cop at all) who told you they cant do anything is wrong. Try talkin to a real cop. Oh and if you want to know how i know this. Me and my room mate just went through getting rid of a cehicle left on our property for several months.

edit: I noticed there all in wisconson but in the one post he said its titled in IL hence i posted about IL law

yeah thats a fucked up deal but sorry to say youre friend sounds like a pussy im sorry theres no way in hell i would not have gone and done somthing if he was in the same state as me but hey man good luck hopfully you can still grill his ass

he did also say he got a fake title right? sounds to me like he has a case, i dont know what the verbal contract laws are there as far as him providing transportation of the car, but regardless im sure he could get the guy on fraud for the fake title. i would go consult a lawyer and give every bit of evidence, like the fake title and any witnesses who heard the agreement for delivery of the car. did you do a bill of sale? have a written agreement for the delivery of the car? any hard documentation of the deal at all? you probably have a case, be it a loose one with exception to the title issue. i think youll come out on top, but think of something to tell the judge when he asks why after 1 week of not getting the car why you didnt go back and see him.