Virginia meet

I need to take some new pictures.

Anyone in the VA area want to meet up and do a photo shoot? I live in Fairfax county.

It would give me a good reason to clean my Integra, and meet some new people.

what part of va you want to meet? set it up and I got some tegs that wouldn’t mind cruising over with me, I got a 92 gsr…

make a date, time and place and we will be down to cruise…

I hate mandatory front license plates :squint:

Dat1.7gsr- I have always loved your car man!

I Just moved here from seattle, so this place is all new to me. I am right next to Tyson’s I and II, but mall parking lots can be pretty boring. Do you know of any good spots?

Neil- ME TOO! I still have my Washington plates.

I live in maryland, I don’t know too many places in va, but we have some good meets here, I think we are planning one in va soon, I will get back with you on that. I am at tysons at least twice a month, the wife loves that mall. once it starts warming up there will be big meets everywhere.

I live near Rockville, Maryland, so Im down. Just have to wait until Monday to go to MVA to get my tags, FINALLY. Or maybe a few months to get my car repainted (its rough folks).