VIS Carbon Fiber Rear Hatch

Hello Fellas,

Is it safe to put the rear hatch shocks? I was told it wasent since the hatch is lighter than the regular one, that it might damge it.

Any input on this will be great.


I wouldnt do it

I run one hatch shock. So it will hold up the trunk when I’m in it. But also so it doesn’t fly up and crack the mounting points

You should just test it. Reason being that different hatch shocks are going to be drastically different in regard to their strength. Old ones that are slightly worn out, maybe you’ll need two. New ones that are very very strong, then one should work fine. It’ll really just depend on what you have. I’ve seen people run one or two shocks without any problems. Also, whether you’re running OEM glass or a FAL window will have an affect.

Just use some blown hatch shocks that wont hold up a regular hatch…seems like it could work ok?

On another note…Do you have to secure those carbon hatches with additional brackets?

just use a Broome stick to prop it open.

Thanks to everyone on their input. I actually e-mailed VIS and this is what they told me:

Hello Tony,

We don’t sell any, but some people have said that they use half/low
pressure shocks for their hatches. I am unsure if that will support the OEM
glass safely though, because there is some weight to that. Many have just
ran the OEM ones, and just kept an eye on whether it was causing stress or
anything to the hatch, when they close it right after install.


i have a vis rear hatch on my black da, and at one point before one of my struts started leaking i ran them. I would say its overwhelming, but once you pop the rear hatch with the lever the hatch automatically comes up lol, i thought it was kinda cool. Now i dont run them track car i guess now