VTEC controlers...pros/cons????

OK all you GSR and LS/VTEC owners. Have Any of you used a controler? Im thinking of buying the APEXi VAFC and im just getting opinions on it???

What is a good engagement point for L to H???

i have the vafc, i set vtec at 5000rpms. I’m not sure about the air/fuel settings though, I need it get it tuned but I don’t have time. I think the mod is worth it but get it tuned for the best results.

For thrills set it to about 6200 and the VTEC kicks in harder, but, you may want it lower than the stock 5600 sometimes. The control is the beauty of the V-AFC.
The only con is if you don’t know how to set the air/fuel you might have to pay someone to do it.

VTEC X-over really depends on what cams you are running. You want the x-over to be as seemless as possible. If you feel a kick it means that your primary lobes are are at the point of dropping hp/torque and then all of the sudden…BAM…VTEC kicks in. It feels cool but isn’t really the optimum point for best performance. I am running Toda Spec Bs and my x-over is at 6200rpm. And it’s almost impossible to tell when VTEC kicks in…you can hear it…but the car pulls steadily hard all the way up to redline.

For CTR or ITR cams, between the 5600 and 5800rpm range is a good point. Again, it depends on your other mods. Get on a dyno to really see where the best x-over is. It will show you. Best of luck.

yeah i agree with dan…i have the v-afc and its a good buy cause its a great tuning tool

i have mine set at 4900… its a pretty good cross over, except for freeway driving with a JDM s1 tranny. cause my vtec kicks in at 80 mph, lol and you know how people drive on the freeway. i want to get the vafc, so if any of you want to buy a non-obd spoon vtec controller, i’m willing to sell it. name your price. thanks

I will probobly be running my stock cams for awhile…what would someone charge to tune the fuel levals for me???