VTEC head--> B18A1?

Ive been reading around for the last few weeks about VTEC/block combinations and im still in the blue about what i want to do… i didnt see this on any other threads, my bad if i didnt see it.
Basically what i want to do is rebuilt/swap my engine, get some VTEC under the hood, and not lose its dependability as a daily driver… love to hear your ideas!

sorry to be the one to say this, but search dude, seriously. this has got to be the #1 most covered topic on these boards…

sorry about ljoe being rude. he meant to say “f*ck off n00b.”
just kidding. seriously tho, if you don’t know the first thing about ls/vtec either research like crazy like ljoe did, or pay a shop to build the motor. on second thought consider buying a vtec motor swap. but mods really need to close this thread.
third thought… IBTL

bahaha, morgan you fool :giggle: