VTEC Know-it-alls HELP

i got a budget ls/vtec swap but i dont think the vtec is kicking in. The question here is what does the two wires that run from the green conector on the solenoid (in the helms file it is listed as a vtec pressure switch) Please someone help im lost

What ECU are you running?

i dont know anything about ls/vtec… but from what everyone says… i dont think budget and ls/vtec should be in the same sentance together :smiley:

im running the non odb 90 ecu

Originally posted by RipNTeg
im running the non odb 90 ecu

If that is your stock LS ECU, that is why VTEC isnt kicking in.
Since you have a non-obd car you will need either a PR3 or PWO ECU. The PR3 comes as a non-obd and an obd-1 ECU, so if you get one make sure you get the non-obd one…


if you don’t have the right ecu, i have what you need. it’s a non-obd pr3, exactly what BR recommended. this is the same ecu i have in my car, except that the one in my car has the mugen chip. the one i’m selling is stock. email me at andy_feger@hotmail.com if you need it