vtec pistons with vtec head?

is there a difference between vtec pistons and nonvtec pistons?

i’m getting a b20b block with a b16b head (going crvtec), but the b20b block has less then 10k miles on it. I was wondering if I could just use the existing pistons (nonvtec). I am probably going to put in JE pistons in, but then again do I need special vtec ones?


damn Art u truely ballin huh??? well if u gonna go VTEC and rev that mofo up… might as well get some aftermarket pistons with the deeper valve reliefs, so i can upgrade to dem huge cams. i mean while its out, u don;t wanna take 4yrs like me or stay on jackstands like john.

I dont know too much bout the CRVTEC setup, but this is what I’ve gathered so far.

First off, I dont think theres a diff between vtec and nonvtec pistons. Only thing is the piston to valve clearances, ie - a b16 head on the b20 block ‘may’ have issues, CRVTEC.com says its a risk, but lotsa ppl do it and its fine. To make things safe, you could grind some valve reliefs in the piston.

The JE pistons 84.5mm will be ideal for the crvtec, raises compression too. I assume they rectified the piston-valve clearance issue as JE made these pistons for crvtec.

On another note, I know a dude who runs stock b20b pistons with stock b16 head for over 30k miles now no probs.


Art: Don’t skimp on the bottom end especially since everything is out and easy to work on. Go for the JE 84.5mm pistons with at least 11:1 compression with the stock B16 head and go with the Eagle rods. For the price paid to rework the stock rods and fit them with ARP hardware, it’s not that much more for the Eagles. It’s best to do everything right the first time around so you don’t have to do it again. Trust me, it’ll save you a ton of money in the longrun. Good luck man. A properly built CRVTEC is a hellava tq monster!