vtec problem

my 92 gs-r is boggin above 5.5k its like vtec isnt kicking in. this just happend last night. my first option i want to check the ecu see if it throws any codes. the teg tips doesnt fully say how to for the 92. can somone tell me how? search isnt helping me eaither.

Yes the teg-tip does say how to check for both 90-91 and 92-93. Read it again.

There are threads on how to check cel for 92-93. Search harder.

it says partly, it says i gotta wire a jumper to somwhere then it says to read something else which isnt their.

How to jump – Helms: Chapter 11 page 40
wtf is helms

It is all there. READ.

"You must jump a connector and then your Check Engine light will blink to tell you the code.

The connector you must jump is located under the glove box and should be green in color."


Helms is repair manual.

ok now for the codes, the check engine light blinks and do i count the blinks?

take your vtec solenoid off and check the screen on the other side thats where eveybody told me to check first and if the screen gunked up then buy that new sccreen and o ring assembly

check your oil too, if your low v-tec wont engage

yea fixed it today, i was very low on oil. vtec burns alot of oil lol i did a oil change like last month and i just had to top it off. thanks for the help

If you are low on oil you are either leaking or burning. It makes no difference if you have vtec or not. :roll:

v-tec doesnt burn oil, it uses oil pressure to operate the solinoid (sp) to swap the cam profile then routes it back into the engine (very simple discription and not entirely accurate, but close enough)

if your looseing that much oil in a month you have other problems, check for leaks and watch for blue smoke out of your exhaust

black smoke comes out my exhaust at high rpm im assuming thats why

how many miles is on that motor? Someone might need to change some piston rings soon…

theirs 177km i dont know miles

thats about 110 K miles, so probably not the rings unless you rape it every day

possibly valve stem seals or just some leaky gaskets. have any oil stains under your car in the morning?

blue smoke is oil
white is water/coolant
black is gas

normaly, dont qoute me