VTEC springs into nonvtec head...

Well I’m doing a Budget All-Motor LS Build,and have got to the springs. I just picked up some 404’s and now have a quiestion.

Q: has anyone used vtec springs in a nonvtec head?

Who has tried this,and what was your results. I found some Crower springs/retainers for $295shipped,but once again this is just a project with a $ 1k limit.I’m trying to get about 160-170whp out of this motor,and keeping it under $1,000. Thanx

youre better off getting the right springs for your head, but to answer your question the inners are interchangeable but not the outers.

Well as I continue to look into this build. I have found that I can p/u after maket inner springs for $80 or get the dual springs from Crower for $189. The only thing stopping me from going this route is that I already have stock vtec springs here(Free). Any one else have any info on this topic.