vtec worth it?

Is it really worth a changeover to vtec? Assuming in the end you’ll turbocharge no matter which application you choose…

I see lots of talks of ls/vtec ‘swaps’; what’s everyones opinions? is getting vtec really worth it, or would it be better to just use the money towards fortifying then turboing.

Also another question in regards to turboing; does anything need to be done to reinforce the transmission and such? other than new clutch… Can our trannys handle turbo reliably?

( btw, dunno if trannys are diff between our years but mines a 90 rs sedan )

TIA. ( Look forward to reading up on this :wink: )

I would like to know if VTEC is worth it either.

As for the tranny… I say that you’d just need to do flush the fluid, maybe even a rebuild (if nesscessary). From my understanding, our trannies can handle turbo very well. Actually… let me rephrase that: an LS tranny can handle turbo very well. The longer gearing allows you to stay in boost longer.


You guys are right, LS trannies are definitely the choice when going Turbo. Typically, the weak link in the drivetrain is going to be the axel. Most people making decent amounts of HP will break their stock axel.
Built LS/Turbo’s are sweet, ton’s of torque throughout. But, I know when I hit VTEC under boost, it’s like a secondary turbo kicking in. Plus 8200 Redline is alot sweeter too :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, you’ll be happy…

Integracon…whats your motor and turbosetup again? Did you end up building up the bottom end to deal with the turbo? How much boost do you run? Later, LocalePED

if you build up our engines we can have that redline if not more too ;p