WA: 92-93 GS-R transmission

What’s up G2IC,

I already have a new transmission for my swap so I’m posting my previous 92-93 GS-R transmission up for sale. I bought it from a local Craigslist seller back in 2011 and it’s been great. When I first installed it there was a slight 4th gear grind, but after switching to Pennzoil Synchromesh MT fluid and performing the regular transmission flushes the grind went away and hasn’t surfaced again. Other than that, currently 1st through 5th and reverse all work excellent.

The transmission will include:
• Original VIN number/code (YS1-1019362)
• Release arm and dampener
• Reverse light switch assembly w/ harness clamp
• Driver and passenger side oil (axle) seals (recommend replacing)
• Breather cap
• Clutch cable bracket
• Clutch release fork and spring
• Remnants of an old throwout bearing (buyer needs a new one)

Also, if buyer is interested: (free of charge)
• Transmission mounting bracket (a discontinued piece)
• OEM transmission motor mount
• All necessary mounting hardware (not pictured, but all individually bagged)

Regarding the casing, I spent numerous hours hand cleaning it because putting a dirty transmission up for sale wasn’t going to cut it. Trust me when I say it was dirty; I had daily driven with it for nearly two-and-a-half years and the inclement weather here in Washington sure piled on the grime. So after removal, I scrubbed the casing with a number of brushes and Simple Green for hours and I’m fairly happy with the result. It is in no way perfect though. There are still some tough areas and little inner corners that I did not fully clean out. Neither did I scrub the inside of the clutch casing as intensively as I did the outside, and in the pictures this is visible. It’s not sandblasted, mineral tumbled, etc. It was all done by hand as as a result, my fingertips are in incredible pain as I type! I just wanted the potential buyer to have a transmission he/she could be happy with aesthetically. I don’t do that “spray paint your transmission” crap so really cleaning up the aluminum is my way of bringing out the transmissions good side.

For those curious about the gearing, according to the FF-Squad’s “Specnically Speaking: B-series Gear Ratio Guide” it is the same as the JDM 91-92 XSi YS1 just without an LSD.
Check out the link if you want to see the ratios: http://www.ff-squad.com/tech/temp/Bgears.htm

[SIZE=6]Transmission is SOLD![/SIZE]

The item is as listed, feel free to ask me more questions if you have any. I WILL SHIP at buyers expense given their zip-code to provide them with an accurate shipping quote. I’ll only ship via FedEx Ground; it’s the cheapest amongst all other carriers for something of this size and weight. I will take cash if local but only deal through PayPal otherwise. I’m verified and ready to go. I’m fairly firm on the price but I’m willing to work with the buyer. Please do not lowball me and waste my time.

Email me at eallen9192@gmail.com for the fastest response. Thank you!

Now onto the pics…

Great price! Should go quick!

Texted you

Transmission is sold! Thank you G2IC…

Have to say, this dude is the best seller I’ve ever dealt with about anything ever.