WA- Billet cam seals

Trying to fund my rebuild. Made some extra ones when i made mine. Was gonna give them out to my buddies but i need some extra cash.
They are made here in Tacoma, WA out of American kaiser aluminum roundstock on a CNC lathe. The engraving is done on a CNC mill.
I have 5 blank ones, and 3 with our car club logo (Cascade Honda Crew). You can keep the machined look, or polish to a mirror finish.
Recommended to install with RTV, along with the included o-rings.
Blanks- $13 shipped, CHC logo- $18 shipped. Paypal only. Local pickup, cash only- less $3 for shipping and paypal fee.

that’s cool. would you be able to engrave one of the blanks?

Yeah, that would bring the price up to $18 shipped. What were you thinkin? You can email me at dlo253@live.com


Getting yours setup to engrave now.

Got that sent out for ya yesterday, should get it by tomorrow or saturday.

sweet deal.

hey man let’s see a pic when you get yours installed.

Interested in getting one if you can also engrave something on one of the blanks for me. Might get 2.

Shoot me an email at: dlo253@live.com

email sent

Im gonna see about getting the line art for yours today ^… should be able to run it tomorrow.

Still available?

Yeah i think theres a couple left. What are you interested in?

Probly just a blank one

Sorry for the late reply. Im all ouy right now but ill let you know when there is some more. Ill make some ahen i get some free time on the lathe

All gone, seems like there is at least a little bit of interest. Ill make a few more when i get some spare time.

I would def. be interested in a blank with my own engraved logo or something on it. Once I figure out what I want on there that is lol

^^Same here…keep us informed… these all universal right? For D-H-F-B series?

Will do…
Yeah, pretty sure they are lol. Can’t say for sure because I havent seen it myself, but from what I’ve read and heard all cam seals are universal for those motors.