WA: Oem Optional front lip

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! thanks Brian (v-tecpwr)

if its for a 92-93 i will take it

only for 90-91 integras heykev im in new britain hit me up if u need some parts 8602024982 glwys

Details of this lip plz, like who made it or wat brand it is?

Its an oem optional front lip. Its only for 90-91 bumpers thers also sideskirts and a rear bumper lip thats completes the kit. I have a front and rear in white if anyone is interested after he sells this one

lsjdmteg whats up got the fome redone on that seat looks like new caint wait till spring to put it in do u still need a fly wheel and bolts i think i have one

Word send me pics how much did ut cost i want mine redone qnd my armrest txt me lost ur number i got these lips fs also lmk

text me a pic of the rear lip 7702060894.

how much do you want for the rear lip

rear lip…its actually a front lip lol…

He was refering to my statement were i said i have both the front and rear optional lips fs

oh haha…I shoulda bought the complete set you had that time instead of buying carbon hatch and hood…I didnt even use em and sold em 2 weeks later… :frowning:

how do you for it shipped to 92553

Bump, get off this thread if your not interested in buying please!

Relax bro people were asking info on ur part i was giving info even said wont try n sell mine till u sell


if possible give me a text 90923six0 three5nine

how much would it cost to ship? wam1004@gmail.com

umm… not sure, it’s pretty fragile. Im not sure if I wanna ship yet. Ill let you know if i do though